One whole day intensive hand’s-on is the central element of this part, as the participant needs to be familiar with the sialendoscope, the technique of basket retrieval, the laser fragmentation of stones, and the high pressure balloon dilatation of strictures. Sialendoscopy being a minimal invasive technique, the handling of the papilla is probably the most challenging difficulty: The participant will receive a step by step and rigorous training on fresh pig heads, as well as a surgical training for combined techniques. Finally, the decisional tree will be thoughtfully discussed and the different techniques demonstrated to participants in order to demonstrated the importance of sialendoscopy as a highly sensitive and specific diagnostic but also interventional tool.

  • Basics
  • Radiology
  • Essentials
  • 3D video teaching
  • Hand's on models
  • Hand's on pig heads
  • Detailed decisional tree
  • Sialendoscopy techniques
  • Combined approaches
  • Discussions


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The First Part is designed to introduce sialendoscopy to newcomers and to provide key concepts.

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Location: Geneva

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Cours de Rive 16,
Genève, 1204 - Switzerland
T: +41 22 735 72 40

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